We're doing it differently this year

Greener (Black) Friday

Lets make it a Greener (Black) Friday

It's estimated that Black Friday in the UK alone produces 429,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year*. As we continue to drive towards becoming a net carbon zero business, we wanted to make a positive impact this year on Black Friday.

For every Greener (Black) Friday Gift Voucher you buy, we will plant 2 metres of native hedgerow in partnership with Lake District Foundation. So, not only are you buying something special for yourself, or someone you love... but you're also doing something special for somewhere we all love ... the planet (and the Lake District).

Remember, when you come to Langdale be carbon conscious, make sure you switch everything off at home, use public transport where possible and enjoy car free days in the Lake District.

* Source: money.co.uk

1 Voucher = 2m of Hedgerow

Lake District Foundation

We're very proud to once again partner with our good friends at Lake District Foundation for Greener Black Friday this year. We've worked with Lake District Foundation for many years and guests of The Langdale Estate have raised over £250,000 for projects to support footpath repair and protecting the landscape in the Lakes District.

You and Brimstone will support their Hedge Fund Scheme to plant 2 metres of hedgerow for every gift voucher purchased in the greener Friday offer. Native hedgerows store carbon, connect habitats, improve biodiversity and help prevent flooding. Sadly 6,000 miles of old hedgerow are lost each year.

What’s so great about hedgerows and why do we want to help replant and restore them in the Lake District?

  • Provides food and shelter for many wildlife species, including barn owls, bats and dormouse
  • Attracts pollinators
  • Improves biodiversity
  • Creates important wildlife corridors to connect isolated habitats
  • Stores carbon
  • Helps prevent soil erosion.

(Available to purchase from Friday 26th to Tuesday 30th November 2021)

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