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Pure Alchemy Spa Products

Brimstone Spa has been working closely with Pure Lakes (one of the UK’s leading natural skin care producers) to develop Pure Alchemy, an exclusive natural spa therapy product range that is inspired by the natural calming beauty and the pure elements found in the Lake District.




Not just a facial - a unique facial experience to enhance the complexion with hydrating nourishment for skin health. Delivering the quintessence of nature through a unique and unprecedented massage application.


55 mins - £90



Back & shoulder massage


Cosset yourself with this superlative back and shoulder treatment.  Captivate the mind with dazzling fragrance, intense cleansing and refining, paired with soothing, muscle melting massage.  Truly unwind and enjoy the hushed anointment of natural salves and oils.


55 mins - £90




Full Body Massage


Brimstone autograph full body massage.  Specialised muscle comforting techniques with beautiful and unusual warm oil blends bestow this delight upon you. Sure to beguile and mesmorize, leaving you with a soothed body and tranquilised mind.


55 mins - £90


Legs, Feet, Head & Neck Massage


A beautiful combination of massage techniques with warming fragrant oils to indulge and delight fatigued, aching legs and feet, and loosen tightness and tension in the scalp, head and neck.   Offering extreme contentment and serenity for ‘the walker’.


55 mins - £90



Comfort Repose

Full Body Beautifier


A calming and gentle body beautifier, created for those with fragile skins, or perhaps suffering with disease or recovering from illness.  The well-being touch of warmth from a skilled therapist to comfort your soul, soften your skin and lift your spirits.


55 mins - £90

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