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Pure Lakes is an award-winning brand that has been producing natural skin care for 10 years and is becoming well known for their sustainability, use of raw materials and natural ingredients to provide effective skincare for the whole body. Just a few of the reasons why Langdale have decided to team up with the company, sharing the same values in taking responsibility to minimise our impact on the natural environment whilst providing an excellent guest experience.

If you've stayed with us (or not!) and enjoyed using the Pure Lakes toiletries that are in Brimstone, you're able to SAVE 20%  when shopping at our dedicated Pure Lakes online shop.


This range is scientifically formulated with only the finest natural ingredients selected along with essential oils which are then blended together to create these luxurious products. Pure Lakes do not mass produce, their small batch approach ensures high quality and freshness, bursting with antioxidants, age defying qualities and skin boosting nutrients this brand caters for all skin types.

The Brimstone Spa team worked side by side with Pure Lakes to understand how these luxurious products are created along with developing the Pure Alchemy range, an exclusive spa therapy product range. More information can be found on our Brimstone Spa page . Our therapists are experienced in working with high quality products and now with the knowledge and understanding of Pure Lakes, they can provide guests with a fabulously relaxing treatment to suit their needs.

Located in Staveley, Cumbria, Pure Lakes and Langdale are able to work together, building and maintaining a close relationship to achieve a positive contribution to the environment. With their packaging kept to an absolute minimum, whilst complying with legal requirements, the packaging is sourced from recycled material or reusable itself, transport emissions are monitored along with product production to reduce waste. Unlike the standard polymer bottles used for lotions and cleansers, Pure Lakes use Biopolymer materials which are totally recyclable and provide genuine direct replacement for standard plastics. Guest can be comforted in knowing that there is no difference in the performance or appearance to conventional polymers.

Pure Lakes can assure customers that their products are never tested on animals and do not contain any synthetic ingredients, parabens or SLS, for example the shampoo will have gentle lather as there is no foaming agent used in the product. Many on-the-shelf companies use SLS in their products as it is cheap to produce however this comes at a price for the consumer as the Sulfates will remove natural oils from your scalp leading to dryness, thinning and hair loss. Another worrying thought is what else Sulfates are used for… the chemical that creates the foam and bubbles in your shampoo is a man-made chemical which is often used to remove grease and oil from engines!


Pure Lakes - “All of our skincare products, including our facial creams and oils, use the best and most powerful plant-derived ingredients with some of our products almost entirely organic.”


For more information about the use of parabens and other synthetic ingredients commonly used in other products, please check out the following link - www.vogue.co.uk

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