Fitness and leisure facilities

At the Langdale Estate

When you stay at Brimstone Hotel, you can enjoy complimentary access to all of the fitness and leisure facilities at the Langdale Estate including the pool, sauna, and steam room. Wake up bright and early for a quick workout before exploring the Lakes, take a chill out day during your stay and spend hours lazing by the pool, or relax your muscles after a long day of walking the fells.

opening times

10am to 6pm Daily

(Last admission 45 minutes before close)

Swimming pool

Our swimming pool is a comfortable 29 degrees, includes a roped-off lane for those serious swimmers, and a massage seat built into the pool. At 1.2 metres, the pool is perfect for swimming and safe to stand up in, plus there is a shallow paddling area for smaller children. And with our sun loungers dotted around the pool, you can spend the afternoon relaxing in the sun with a book in one hand and a drink in the other.

The sauna

Relax your muscles, soothe your aches and pains, and enjoy feeling on top of the world as you help your body to feel relaxed, revived, and ready for whatever the day has to offer. It has been proven that our bodies respond to gentle, persistent heat, which is why many are recommending saunas for their purifying benefits. Our poolside sauna offers a relaxing space to put your feet up and release tension from your body.

The exercise studio

The exercise studio is the perfect place to train and is kitted out with a range of cardio equipment and free weights. We also offer fitness assessments and personal exercise plans where one of our qualified consultants will work with you to set personal goals, and offer advice on your lifestyle and nutrition to help you meet them.

The spa pool

Our spa pool sits next to our main pool, and is ideal for enjoying those much-needed relaxing moments. Let the whirling bubbles caress and soothe your body, relieving tension and dissolving stress.

The steam room

There are many benefits of using a steam room including removing toxins trapped below the skin, relaxing muscles after a workout, loosening stiff joints, reducing stress, and burning calories. Our steam room offers a calming environment for those who want to relax, and afterwards, you can step under our cold deluge shower to give yourself a burst of energy.

Deluge shower

Take a deep breath, brace yourself and pull the lever! Four gallons of icy cold water delivered in under a second - the perfect way to cool down after a steam or sauna session and great for regulating your body temperature, improving your circulation, and increasing energy levels.

Physio therm

This infrared technique relies on heating a small area of the body in order to gradually heat the whole body through the circulatory system. Improves circulation, stimulates metabolism and detoxification, and can help to alleviate musculoskeletal conditions.

fitness zone

The newest addition to the Langdale club, this area offers the area for those looking for a non-traditional workout area, with battle ropes, punch bags, spinning bikes, 60kg and 100kg tyres, kettlebells and TRX. Use this area to super charge your workouts and get the best and most up to date workouts possible either on your own or in groups.