Private spa at Brimstone Hotel

The Bubble

Brimstone guests will need to book their access to the Spa and the treatments that are currently on offer, which are limited.

The Bubble Private Spa is your own space where you can enjoy some exclusive Pure Alchemy treatments and deep relaxation in complete privacy. Dual treatments are just part of the experience with a feature shower, spa bath and My Spa Heaven cabin for two, which combines relaxation and wellness with a range of heat and steam experiences. All of our treatments are available in The Bubble, and below is a list of couples' treatments exclusive to this private spa.

(Unfortunately, The Bubble will not be open for the foreseeable future).


£275 per couple for 3 hours

Monday to Thursday
11am to 2pm
3pm to 6pm

Friday to Sunday
9am to 12 noon
1pm to 4pm
5pm to 8pm

Price includes 90 minutes of therapies per person plus all day access to our main spa facilities

Full Body Bubble Cleansing Ritual

Inspired by the traditional cultural ritual of far-off lands, this therapy deeply cleanses the body with masses of hot fragranced bubbles. Our Full Body Bubble Cleansing Ritual is a pre-treatment therapy that is perfect for preparing your body for the following treatments.

Ghassala Cocoon Scalp & Head Massage

Using healing volcanic clay with selected enhancing oils and encrustation of pure salt, this scalp and head massage envelops and intensely purifies the body, as well as offering the luxury of a balancing massage. This treatment is even more luxurious when combined with heat and steam.

Hammam Mizzle Full Body Massage

This luxurious full body therapy combines the comfort of a relaxing massage with the function of a gentle body exfoliation, delivering a purifying sensation like no other. We find that the best results are seen when combined with heat and steam.

Venik Massage

Our Venik Massage is a stimulating and exfoliating body treatment that uses oils and softened birch bunches that are gently and rhythmically applied to your back to help boost circulation and prevent premature skin ageing.