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Brimstone Spa Therapies

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Enjoy luxury Spa Therapies at the exclusive Brimstone Spa in the heart of the Lake District.

We only believe in working with the very best skin care producers, which is why we have teamed up with Pure Lakes to develop our own, and exclusive, spa product brand Pure Alchemy and tRiBe517 to deliver therapies that guarantee results. All of our treatments are designed to leave you feeling like your very best self. All of our spa therapies are for residents of Brimstone Hotel and The Langdale Estate only.

Available Times

Monday to Friday – 10am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 4pm


Our pricing is simple; all therapies last for approximately 50 minutes and cost £125

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Pure Alchemy Bespoke Experience

Put your trust in our skilled therapists to create a bespoke 50 minute experience created for your personal lifestyle. Exclusive Pure Alchemy products created to reflect the provenance of the spa and its location.

Let your skilled therapist guide you through a personalised lifestyle chat, in order to create the perfect spa experience journey for you. Delivering maximum benefits with energy boosting or relaxing techniques.

Designed just for you, your body and mind. Relax and enjoy the perfectly tailored Spa treatment.

A wonderful blend of elements chosen for your wellbeing and may include a combination of –

All with the Pure Alchemy collection of oils, butters and salts with Violet, Star Anise or Lavender blends

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tRiBe517 believes in the wellness of the planet, the therapist and the guest enjoying treatment, hence their experiences are created with love from sustainable and natural product, delivered by skilled therapists using techniques to promote their personal health and wellbeing, and in turn unsurpassed pleasure in the shape of unique therapies for spa guests and product lovers.

tRiBe517 Spa Treatments

Full body realignment massage for rocking relaxed muscles and mind. Melting warm Hypnotic Sleep Balm with petitgrain and black pepper combined with smooth, hot ceramic pods delivering intense pleasure for tired bodies, aching muscles and fraught minds.

Total body massage with a mood balancing measure of sass. A blend of exotic Ylang & Amyris to energise and relax, wake up and doze off with a mingle of specialist warm manual techniques and intense bamboo massage.

Tender Loving Care for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. A cocooning soothing massage encouraging sleep and relaxation, with warm blankets, pillows and a natural whipped blend of butters.

Succumb to this full body rhythmical well-being touch of warmth to comfort your soul, treat your skin and lift your spirits. For those with sensitivity, fragile conditions, and living with or recuperating from disease, Cancer and sickness. Using a whipped delight of pure natural butters. 

A celebration of femininity with a rebalancing face and body massage treatment.  Including back massage with cooling ceramic orbs, face and scalp massage.  Wild honey with tuberose, hyacinth and narcissus butter and mask, and White Chocolate, Orange Blossom Cream.  Experience the perfect balance your own way. Cool compresses, and calming skin mask for ladies in their salubrious prime, an alluring experience to enhance sleep and clear your mind of overthinking.

Bring your dream complexion to life with expert natural product and your skilled therapist.  A facial created to suit you personally, fashioned with salves, creams and balms perfect for your skin and promote its ideal health, be it pro age, sensitive, dehydrated or other concerns.  Coupled with our revered face and scalp massage to bring deep relaxation and rest tired muscles.    


Our Exclusive All-Natural Spa Product Range

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The Spa Deli

The  Brimstone Spa Deli is a soothing space, exclusive to spa guests, where you can enjoy a selection of refreshments and snacks, while you relax, read, gather your thoughts … and prepare for round two!

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it's more than just a present

Create memories with a Brimstone Christmas Gift Voucher