Brimstone Spa

Spine-tinglingly good

Complimentary access for Brimstone guests


Inspired by the stunning landscapes of the Lake District and the purifying elements of our natural surroundings, Brimstone Spa is lavishly contemporary with relaxation and wellbeing at its heart.

Committed to giving our guests a true Lake District spa experience, many aspects of our spa incorporate natural elements from the World Heritage Site, including our treatments, relaxation and thermal experiences, and our bespoke product collection, Pure Alchemy. But, if this isn’t already enough to help you destress and unwind, we’re sure that the views of the breathtaking scenery will do it.

From the thoughtfully designed ‘Spa Journey’, to the delicious light bites and sweet treats in our Spa Deli, you’ll feel revival like never before. Pull on your cotton soft robe, slip on your complimentary Brimstone flip flops, and get ready to begin your luxury spa experience.

It's important for us that you enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time in our spa, and because of this, our facilities and therapies are only available for residents.

opening times

10am to 8pm - Spa Experience (Complimentary access)

10am to 6pm - Spa Therapies

Thermal experience

Our indoor-outdoor pool benefits from two bubble experiences, a swan neck fountain, and views over the estate and woodland beyond.

Outside relaxation

The outside relaxation area is the perfect space to enjoy a drink to two by the log fire, or visit the Finnish sauna and experience shower.

Finnish sauna

At a room temperature of between 80°C and 100°C, our Finnish sauna will help to relieve tension in your muscles, soothe your aches and pains, and relax your whole body.

Ice fountain

Visit the ice fountain immediately after using our heat experiences to stimulate circulation and strengthen the immune system.

Himalaya salt steam

Reaching a temperature of 45°C and a humidity of 100%, your body will heat up gently while jets of steam stimulate the blood circulation and start the detoxifying process.

Lava sauna

With the colours of lava but not the extreme temperatures, this sauna reaches a temperature of 80°C to 100°C and offers a soothing space to sit back and relax.

Mineral steam bath

Relax in a temperature between 42°C and 45°C, and a humidity of almost 100%, forcomfortable perspiring without any undue stress on the body.

Experience shower

There are three experience showers to enjoy throughout your thermal journey, each one designed to strengthen and energise your body.

Herbal sauna

Using flavours, scents, and the healing effects of natural herbs, the steam in the sauna cabin helps to reveal the full power of these herbs and releases natural aromas.


Inspired by the dry sweating rooms used by the Romans, the walls, floors and benches of our laconium room emit radiant heat of approximately 55°C.


We offer four different relaxation areas where you can sit, relax, read, enjoy a drink and prepare for your next round of spa experiences.