How to get the best shots of the Lake District

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Want some picture-perfect content to post on your grid? Not only will these locations and photography tips help you to capture some awe-inspiring pictures, but you'll be sure to make some memories along the way. And remember, no picture is more important than your safety, so please be

The mountain shot

Location - Pike O'Blisco

Grid Reference - NY 283 043 / Google Map Directions

Distance from Brimstone - 8 miles

Tips to get the shot - Dramatic light is the way to get this shot to stand out, as well as having the model wearing something that really pops against the background. Stand a good distance away using a telephoto lens and make sure the model is in a central position. Add filter and vignette to taste.

The chill shot

Location - Banishead Quarry, Coniston

Grid Reference - NY 278 960 / Google Map Directions

Distance from Brimstone - 8 miles

Tips to get the shot - Unless you have an ultra wide camera, it can be difficult to take this shot by yourself, so it might be handy to have a friend on hand to take the snap from over your shoulder. Be careful not to get too close to the edge. Instead, chill back a bit, get the shot, and then post straight to Instagram with a slight vignette and your favourite filter.

The epic cave shot

Location - Cathedral Caves

Grid Reference - NY 314 028 / Google Map Directions

Distance from Brimstone - 4 miles

Tips to get the shot - Ask your model to leave the main cave and take the small, easy scramble that leads above the opening. When in position, you’ll need a wide angle lens to get the shot in, and if you have HDR mode on your camera, switch this on in order to capture all the bright and dark areas of the photo.

The adventure shot

Location - Blea Tarn

Grid Reference - NY 289 051 / Google Map Directions

Distance from Brimstone - 3 miles

Tips to get the shot - Capturing this scene at the start or end of the day will give you the best results. Although as long as the sky is looking moody enough, you’ve got a winning shot. Wide and low is the way to go, ensuring your model breaks the horizon in order to fill the frame.

The waterfall shot

Location - Whorneyside Force

Grid Reference - NY 261 054 / Google Map Directions

Distance from Brimstone - 5 miles

Tips to get the shot - Even though the waterfall itself is wholly impressive, distance is key to capturing the perspective that will get you all the double taps you could wish for. Stand around 100 yards away, up on the opposite bank facing straight onto the waterfall while your companion strikes different poses until you get the desired shot.

The quarry shot

Location - Hodge Close Quarry

Grid Reference - NY 317 017 / Google Map Directions

Distance from Brimstone - 6 miles

Tips to get the shot - This one takes some coordinating as both the photographer and model access the quarry at different points. The model must follow the path north towards the buildings, keeping an eye out for a sign that states ‘Steep unfenced rockfaces, deep water’. This path leads down a rough but walkable path to the crane wreckage seen at the bottom of the photo. Please take care not to go in the water or climb any uneven surfaces. The photographer should enter at the southern tip of the quarry, this has some slightly exposed areas and loose rock underfoot which are easily negotiated however caution is required.

Please note: This can be a dangerous location. Use only designated paths and follow all safety notices.